Olivia is a female-given name in the languages English, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian.


Olivia is of Latin origin and means "olive tree", derived from "aleifr", feminine form of Oliver

William Shakespeare first used the name for one of the main characters of Twelfth Night. It gained popularity and is now used as a name for females.

Known bearers

  • Olivia (Ian Falconer): fictional titular protagonist of books by Ian Falconer, gaining a Nick Jr. television program
  • Olivia (Shakespeare): fictional character of Twelfth Night
  • Olivia Bonilla: actress and singer-songwriter
  • Olivia Colman: actress
  • Olivia (Solmar) Colomar: character of Overwatch
  • Olivia Flaversham: fictional character of The Great Mouse Detective
  • Olivia Harrison: widow of musician George Harrison
  • Olivia Wilde: actress
  • Olivia Williams: actress


  • Lif
  • Liffie
  • Liffy
  • Liv
  • Livvie
  • Livvy
  • Ol
  • Ollie
  • Olly
  • Via