John is a male-given name.


The name John is a biblical name of Hebrew origin and means "God". In the Bible, John is the longest-lived of the twelve apostles, especially loved by Jesus. Also John the Baptist, who baptized Jesus. 

The name John has hundreds of different forms, especially in foreign languages. Possibly the most popular male-given name in history; kings, popes, saints, heroes, villains and men of any degree have been borne this name. 

Known bearers


  • John Adams: US president
  • John Barrymore: actor
  • John Carpenter: director
  • John Cena: actor and wrestler
  • John Cusack: actor
  • John Elton: shipbuilder and seaman
  • John F. Kennedy: US president
  • John Gielgud: actor
  • John J. Astor: billionaire
  • John Lasseter: director
  • John Leguziamo: actor
  • John Lennon: singer and musician
  • John Lewis: buissnessman 
  • John McCain: politican
  • John Oliver: actor and comedian
  • John Quincy Adams: US president
  • John Ratzenberger: 
  • John Travolta: actor
  • John Tyler: US president
  • John Wayne: actor
  • John Williams: buissnessman 

Middle name

  • Donald John Trump: billionaire and dictator
  • Edward John Smith: ship captain


  • Elton John: singer-songwriter

Cognate forms

  • Jackson 
  • Johannes (Afrikaans)
  • Jonathan 


  • Jack
  • Jackie
  • Jacky
  • J.
  • Johnnie
  • Johnny